On Sunday 20 July, coinciding with the feast of its patron saint, Sta. Margaret d’Urgell Archbishop Mons. Joan-Enric Vives performed pastoral visit to the parish of Sta. Margarita de la Rapita (Municipality Vallfogona de Balaguer). On arrival the population was received by Mr. Rector of the Parish, Mn. Jordi Profitós; by the Hon. Mr. Mr. Mayor Pedanio Gregory Esteban Angel; and the President of the cultural association La Rapita Mr. Gerard Costa and the residents of the village. After all attended the Mayor of the Municipality Hon. Sra. Maria Sarret -Cart.

Then everything took place the Sunday Eucharist celebrating Sta. Margarita, La Patrona Rapita and because of which the town holds its annual festival. Solemnitzada was singing with the choir Vallfogonina. The Archbishop Joan-Enric showed his satisfaction with the reception and received his homily recalled how many times Jesus compared the Kingdom of God precisely as a great eternal festival where all are invited and where there is fullness of joy . Msgr. Vives exhorted the faithful to live with enthusiasm and openness the festival, and restarting reconciling with those with whom we live harder and tightening the bonds of love and brotherhood, without distinction.

While glossing readings of the Word of God Mr. Archbishop showed how God is a God who has infinite patience and let them grow together until the harvest when wheat and tares. We need to have this attitude of God’s patience and not be hasty in our judgment, always with an open mind and merciful, giving time and opportunity for our brother can improve and get to become. Msgr. Vives remembered as among the world’s Christians are “like yeast that a woman hides within half a sack of pasta and wait until all flour is fermented.” The Archbishop encouraged the Christian community of La Rapita to be “except” that is capable of transforming the world and society, despite not being a majority in our time, perhaps, but with perseverance and enthusiasm, showing the joy and the joy of believing in the Lord Jesus despite the difficulties, illnesses and problems that life may come to offer. Finally, exhorted the people of La Rapita to be a united people who can overcome their differences, and exhorted the faithful to convey to younger generations the Christian faith and love, and persevere in faith and friendship of Jesus still sometimes necessary to go “upstream” as he did the martyr Sta. Margarita, giving a testimony of Jesus persevering to shed blood.

At the end of the Eucharist held a small snack and a Sardana dance in front of the church square where he could greet Archbishop Rapitenca and interest in your needs.